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Time Goes By

As I reflect back on the year 2023, in preparation for 2024... I am amazed. I am amazed by all that I have gone through, from letting go of a relationship that was harmful to my peace and well-being to rekindling a relationship with myself through extensive amounts of Spiritual work, self-love, self-reflection, and getting used to the sound of silence. The road that I have walked and am currently walking has not been easy and at the same time, it has been beautiful. My Spiritual court has made sure that I am keeping my character in check and honoring my commitments to myself and them. I have learned different practices to show love to myself this year. I’m plant-based now, never would have thought that would come to fruition and I actually enjoy it.

Trips to the Farmer’s Market bring me joy and I am still developing my rhythm with juicing and creating raw foods. I am going to my therapy sessions more regularly and have started to make sure that I show up with intentions so that the sessions actually give me what I need, instead of them being venting sessions like they used to be. Routine practices like getting a Yoni steam and my Vitamin IV infusions don’t feel like a “thing” to check off my wellness list anymore, they have become sacred practices that allow me to not only rest but also to restore my body.

None of these things would have come about if I hadn’t taken the time to develop a relationship with Oludumare, My Ori, and my Ancestors. Nope, not one single thing. Consistent Spiritual work has been my lifesaver. I am still challenged with listening to and trusting Spirit and not leaning on my understanding or just plain ol' ignoring it, and my Ancestors have their way of getting me back in line when that happens. However, even through my challenges. I will not give up, I can’t. The blessings that I have seen in these Spiritual streets this year have been too many and too good to deny the presence of God. I am a better woman because of the attention that has been brought to address my character, I have softened because I am able to see myself and in turn see others, and I am committed to my spiritual, physical, emotional, and personal growth, and I am falling in love with myself and what I am learning about me, even the parts of me that I don’t really want to see.

I want to be more mentally and emotionally liberated in 2024, that’s for sure. I want to further develop my muscles to stay consistent and disciplined in my Spiritual walk. I want to be more open and share with my family the ways that my Ancestors have led me to this path and be the vessel to bring about change within my family. I want to walk in alignment with myself and my assignments. I want to be open to Divine love. I want to continue to honor myself as sacred. There is a song that is played every New Year’s Eve, Auld Lang Syne. It literally means “old long since”. That didn’t make any sense to me and when I did some further research it can be likened to “ times gone by”. I used to sing this song and loved hearing it play on Dick Clark’s special when the ball dropped.

The lyrics state: “Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and the days of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne my dear for auld lang syne. We’ll drink a cup of kindness yet for the sake of auld lang syne”

I look at this song differently now. The times that have gone by have shown me my strengths and my “Girl you need to get it together” and I honor myself in both instances I will not forget how far I have come and how much further I am going because it has been a faith journey, Now, some acquaintances surely need to be forgotten, and the lessons need to remain. As I analyze my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that were in the last 3 months of 2023 and develop intentions and a vision for myself in 2024, I will remember that cup of kindness to have for myself and not be hyper-critical of the things that did not serve me well in the times that have gone by but again, remember the lessons. Change is not easy and growth is constant. As I continue to embrace both, I will continue to open up to be the woman of Divine Love and purpose that I am destined to be.


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