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We believe that our ancestors are a critical connection in the foundation of Self and serve as a compass and protection for our lives. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our Ancestors quite literally live deep within us and our lives are a reflection of our proximity to them. We are all born with an innate connection to them and it is through intergenerational healing that we are able to nurture that into an intimate relationship. When the conversation of establishing a connection with ancestors arises many people's first response is to create an ancestral altar. However, an external altar is neither required nor suggested for (re)connection. In fact, it's not even the first step. Your ancestors live in your bloodline and in order to truly connect with them you must first connect with yourself. You are the altar! 


 Whether it is to understand our grief, obtain guidance, or expand our understanding of the position of ancestral reverence in our spiritual and healing journeys, connecting to our ancestors not only helps us to understand our histories, it also opens us to our destinies.  


SHYNE's Ancestral Relationship Building Program (ARB)  is a 6-week comprehensive experience that teaches the tenants of spiritual hygiene, transformative self-care, and intuition attunement in order to activate Ancestral memory and establish communication. ARB helps us conceptualize the fact that,  just as our Ancestors are guiding us, we have a divine responsibility in their ability to do this. How we take care of ourselves greatly influences the health of our ancestors. In this program, we will deeply explore how reciprocity is shared between Self and Ancestors and what it means to be an empowered vessel for the spirit of those who assist them in achieving lineage freedom and the highest fulfillment of our purpose. 

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Ancestral reverence is not bound to religion or any specific theology, it is tied to our inherent right to honor those who have come before us and to tap into the individualized spiritual courts that influence our lives. ARB is meant for you if you resonate with one or more of the following:

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Grieving a Departed Loved One
and seeking a pathway to inner peace through connection and communication


a departed loved one and seeking inner peace through connection and communication.

Have a Yearning

for deepening their understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Desire to Cultivate

a spiritually-driven life through leveraging connection with their Ancestors.

Want to be Free

from the shackles of spiritual, mental, and emotional enslavement.


of the basic foundation and principles of IFA/Orisa tradition within the African Diaspora. 

Desire to Understand

what it truly means to 'break generational curses and/or cycles' as a means for expanding their spiritual path.

Saturdays, 12-2pm EST
Jan 20, 2024 - Feb 24, 2024

Energetic Investment: $875

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