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We are a community where Sisterhood is synonymous with

Love | Healing | Education | Accountability

SHYNE is an educational institution that promotes the holistic well-being of Black Women through African Spirituality, sisterhood, intergenerational healing, decolonization and leadership development. Our cohorts serve as spaces for women to develop a closer relationship with themselves and their ancestors in a Spirit-centered, purpose-focused container. Joining a cohort means you get access to a virtual sisterhood community, exclusive members-only classes, in-depth training in SHYNE's flagship curriculumthe Sacred Art of Self-Study, tangible self development resources and so much more!

2024 Registration Timeline

Quarter 1 (Jan - Mar)

Application Deadline: January 1, 2024

Orientation: Jan 7th, 12-2pm EST

Quarter 3 (July- Sep)

Application Deadline: July 1, 2024

Orientation: July 7th, 12-2pm EST

Quarter 2 (April - June)

Application Deadline: April 1, 2024

Orientation: April 7th, 12-2pm

Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec)

Application Deadline: Oct. 1, 2024

Orientation: Oct. 6th, 12-2pm EST

Cohort membership requires a 3-month commitment. Membership is open quarterly.

Application Process

Cohort Membership is a sacred experience that requires an application process and approval to ensure that all who join are spiritually aligned. Our application process is as follows: 

Submit an application 

Application review by SHYNE's governing board

If approved, applicant is invited to apply via email that includes a registration link for submission of membership dues

If not approved, applicant is notified via email with feedforward about the results and potential future opportunities to engage with SHYNE

Why join (2).png
Why join (2).png

What are SHYNE women saying?

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"SHYNE has been my rite of passage into womanhood...I’ve been showered with love, met with grace, and shared knowledge and tools that I have incorporated into my life to this day...To be involved with SHYNE, an organization that provides a space for all to feel safe and heal among others that seek healing too, has truly been a blessing...SHYNE has played a memorable part of my life. I’m proud to associate myself with Shyne and I wholeheartedly LOVE it’s mission to be on the frontlines of this spiritual war, taking back the lives of women that feel failed by this society."


"Being an active member of SHYNE has given me the Spiritual insight, knowledge and fundamentals I need to remember WHY I am here. Being a part of this sisterhood has allowed me to take a look in the mirror and not only fall back in love with what I see but also remember who I am. I remember the power within me, a representation of my ancestors. I remember I am free and worthy of freedom in every aspect. I remember that my healing will transcend and transform many generations after me. My life has improved in every area. From career, to motherhood, every relationship and aspect of life has elevated  since joining SHYNE."


"I joined SHYNE in January 2022 at the suggestion of my therapist...I began in Quarter One and gained help with my spiritual being and wellness, and provided a blueprint for intentional self-care, a framework for emotional liberation, and a phenomenal sisterhood...I am astounded at the growth that I have made since January. Working with Iya Oloruntomi has been a pure joy. Her passion, commitment, and transparency has been so helpful in my healing journey and this SISTERHOOD, has given me the support and safe space that I have needed to continue to evolve and heal.​"

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