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Since 2017, SHYNE has been traveling all over the US facilitating sacred multi-day experiences where women of African descent gather in sisterhood for ancestral healing, grief, trauma reconciliation, womb work, ritual, rest, fun, education and empowerment. SHYNE retreats are unique due to their intimate settings and ancestral connection that facilitates the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing needed to align with our highest destiny. Our retreats foster a community where women are able to be deeply seen and affirmed, explore their shadow work and process traumas without shame or judgement. Through workshops, movement, plant-based consumption, and ancestral relationship building women, and their children, are able to deepen their pathways in radically transforming their lives. No experience is ever the same. But one thing is for sure: it is always life-changing!

What happens at a SHYNE retreat?

Sacred Sisterhood

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Ancestral Healing

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SHYNE believes the foundation of healing is with ancestral relationship building. Our spiritual court is our compass and our protection. Explore more.

We do not have to compete against each other or compare ourselves to one another. We support each other without judgment. Explore more.

Love Consumption

Education & Empowerment

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The relationship we have with food directly correlates to the relationships we have with ourselves and others. Explore more.

Education and empowerment begin with knowing ourselves. When we know ourselves we are able to prioritize our well-being. Explore more.

Intergenerational Womb Work

Trauma Reconciliation

Transformation lies in understanding the women we are now and those who came before us. Through womb work we heal our lineage. Explore more.

It's not enough to be aware of our traumas, we can facilitate our own radical healing by facing the things that pain us most deeply. Explore more.

Past Experiences

It can be a scary thought to come together with women who are complete strangers to explore vulnerable parts of yourself. With our flagship curriculum, Black women internalize strategies that help us reconcile trauma, address mental and emotional dis-ease and create a lifestyle that supports our divine destiny, without self-sacrificing. Take a look at our 2022 retreat on Sapelo Island where we honored our ancestors, cried, laughed, and created lifelong connections. 

Click here to check out our YouTube page!


Former Retreaters

"In July of 2022, I attended a SHYNE retreat & it was life changing you HEAR ME. That retreat freed me! The paradigm shift that has happened since leaving the retreat has helped me grow closer to myself - family & I am forever grateful. I love you SHYNE & if you haven't experienced SHYNE, it would be in your best interest to GET YOU SOME SHYNE. Because your life will be ever transformed."

Mahogany Spiral

"SHYNE retreats are always the highlight of my year. I have attended two retreats and at both of them I experienced a recharge, rejuvenation, a feeling of reigniting from the top of my head to the soul of my feet. Both experiences helped me engage with my gifts in a way that caused me to get really intimate with myself and my purpose by applying the tools that I have gained from SHYNE's curriculum: the Sacred Art of Self Study, and spiritual practice of Ifa. It is always a true joy and leaves me feeling empowered."

Ntozake Sheppard
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"Every SHYNE retreat that I’ve attended and had the privilege to facilitate at, has yielded a major internal shift that then contributes to a supreme level of elevation in my life. The power of the workshops, rituals, food consumption, and sacred sisterhood has allowed for me to, within a short period of time, confront and release old traumas that stifle me from walking boldly into my purpose. I always leave fueled with wisdom and a deeper awareness of the many possibilities that can and will occur upon me continuing on the path of liberation - deeply rooted in Ancestral healing. Most importantly, I have left every retreat with a plethora of tools and strategies to assist me in that process.  Hands down, SHYNE retreats set you up for the level up of a lifetime."

LaToya Jefferson
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