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New Year; New Mindset!

I’m sitting down attempting to complete a SWOT analysis in review of quarter 4 to assist in propelling me forward in quarter 1 of the new year. The process isn’t necessarily difficult, but it isn’t as easy as it appears. It requires that I list my goals, write down my: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The challenge is in being real with myself and being able to truly identify the contributions to my current reality with a fine tooth comb. If I want this next calendar year to be fruitful, one that assures I complete my goals that have been rolling over for the past two to three years, I have to be willing to look deep within myself. In looking deep within myself, of course I acknowledge my strengths, at the same time identify what weaknesses are blocking - if not overpowering, my ability to tap into my strengths. Furthermore, how am I using my strengths to put me at the front of opportunities and how am I allowing my weaknesses to make me more vulnerable than necessary to possible threats?

More than anything, I find it important that I truly assess where my mind is throughout this process and where it’s been throughout the quarter. Moving forward requires me to assess where I am mentally and evaluate the impact that it is having on my physical reality. Essentially, taking a more aggressive approach to caring for my Ori is what’s required of me. There are some ways of thinking and existing that currently stifle my ability to fully embrace my connection with my higher self (Ori) that need to be addressed. If I am going to accomplish my goals in 2024 there are a few mindset shifts that I’m going to have to embrace.

Stop procrastinating. I’ve had the tendency to put off what I perceive to be “small” things until the next day, or the next moment. The problem that I’ve faced with this approach is that the next moment doesn’t come. Either that or, all the seemingly small things end up becoming huge tasks because they’ve all been put off.  My time then becomes thrusted with a bunch of little things to do. In addition to procrastination, complaining also has to go. Things don’t always go in the way that I believe they should go. In fact sometimes I’m so fixed on what it is that I want to happen, that I miss the opportunity to appreciate what is (thus causing me to miss opportunities). Letting go of the need to complain opens me up almost instantly to being grateful for what it is I do have access to, and what is going smoothly according to my liking. Even if it’s not, it’s going…so there’s no sense of complaining. 

I think this is the biggest one for me. Trust God’s time. Everything happens as it should, when it should, and me getting in the way of that messes the flow of divine timing. More than attempting to control the order of things, I need to make sure that I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. With that being said, my biggest task is to hone in on my strengths and put structures in place that allow me to follow through. One of my biggest weaknesses is the lack of follow through. I’ll have all these pretty plans in place, but then put off starting assuming I have all the time in the world to do something. My bottom line, what I received most in the process of completing my SWOT analysis; if anything is going to change for the betterment of me…if anything is going to be different this time around,  it’s going to be because my mind elevates from where it is and ascends to another level. One that is in alignment with my goals, the person I see myself as at my core,  the vision of my destiny. With that as my anchor, I feel confident that my goals will fall in place just as they should. In divine order.


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