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Inner Child Honesty

Inner Child. A term thrown around social media, referenced in self-healing books, and used amongst professionals in the psychology world. But what is the inner child? Who is your inner child? What happened to your inner child? How is the inner child influenced? Why is the inner child so important?

These are just some of the questions that I have explored over the last few weeks. This concept of exploring my inner child is one that has come about for years, but I ignored it because I thought “that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t have major traumas or life events I need to work through.” Yes, that entire sentence was a lie. I was in denial and lied about my current reality and even my identity to avoid acknowledgement of my inner child because that meant I also had to dig up the sad, hurtful, embarrassing, shameful, depressing moments that have occurred. I did that a few months ago, and since then I have changed my views on doing inner work, especially when dealing with the past and confronting my inner child. To tap into my inner child, I first had to acknowledge honesty within myself.

I have always been serious, ever since I can remember. I walk around with a “serious, mean-mug” and rarely smile at people. I mean look at my surroundings, no one in my environment smiles. Being from New Jersey (the little sister to NYC), you can imagine the demeanor I am illustrating. My grandmother said ever since I was a young girl people always mentioned to her, “she’s so pretty but why doesn’t she smile?” Well, I can’t speak for 5-year-old Dominique, but as for the adult Dominique, I didn’t see a reason to walk around with a smile. There are bills to pay, a 6-day work schedule to adhere to, laundry to fold and toys to constantly clean up. There was no moment for me to stop and smell the roses. But for some reason, my thought process has changed since I have been thoroughly honest with myself and others.

Since the week leading up to my solar return, I have been in a state of playfulness, laughter, love, joy and smiles 😊. Literally…I have celebrated every aspect of me through other people and alone by myself in the mirror. I am rediscovering my inner child. The young girl who was smart, witty, and commanded the attention of the room. I am welcoming joy and laughter into my life. I am learning how to greet people with a smile and not just walk by them…southerners have that down pact! I am embracing spontaneity and adventure. I am embarking upon a season of freedom! Freedom in my mind, emotions, and physical body. I am loving my inner child in ways that she may have been deprived of in the past. I am discovering what complete honesty is in my reflections and in conversations with others. Through acknowledging, studying, and accepting my inner child, I am finding more contentment and peace with my days. I am full of warm, affectionate, genuine energy just like a young child…and I love it here.


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