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Black Women BEing

November 3-7, 2023 | Destin, FL

The phrase "strong black woman" evokes both myth and reality. Historically, our society has forced Black women to assume the position of superhuman. She must manage her household, her career, and herself with an unwavering hand and a practical persona. Black women have had no choice but to persevere, to survive, to show up. Even if her world is falling apart, it has been expected that no one 'should' be able to witness or tell of her struggles. Black women are rarely able to exist in places that have no expectations of them. Even in the presence of other women, we often struggle with being deeply seen, unveiling the most vulnerable part of ourselves, and even unconsciously create competition. We measure and compare our struggles; create narratives in our heads for how and why we are incapable of sustaining female friendships, and worst, sometimes believe we are unable of healing or shifting away from the societal narratives. 

 Places where Black women have permission to unapologetically BE are few and far between. Black Women BEing Retreat is an experience created for us to do just that. We'll show up exactly as we are and lean on our collective Ancestral court to help us explore the cycles we find ourselves in, safely reflect and hold sacred space for the parts of ourselves that often go unacknowledged, unaffirmed and unnurtured. Across our 5 days and 4 nights in Destin, FL, we will experience a new way of be-ing, not only within ourselves but within environments and relationships. Black Women BEing (BWB) will offer an opportunity for us to rest, reflect and reimagine without judgment, competition and pressure to conform or perform. 

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$1,800 Retreat Admission

$1,600 SHYNE Alumnae

$1,180 Auxiliary Retreat Staff

$444 Children (ages 5 and up)

All payments are non-refundable.

Payment plans available until Friday, Aug 18th, 2023. Choosing this option at registration requires submission of a $300 deposit. Balance will be split into four (4) bi-weekly, equal part payments and submitted via invoices that will start two weeks after the day of registration.

SHYNE Alumna can enter coupon code listed in Wed, 5/3 Alumna Bulletin when paying in full at registration to receive discount. If choosing payment plan option, once deposit is submitted, your discount will be deducted from remaining balance due via the four (4) bi-weekly invoices that will be sent.

All balances are due in FULL by Saturday, Oct 14th, 2023.

4 nights at a waterfront home

Life-shaping Workshops

SHYNE Resource Manual

RT Airport Transfers*

T-Shirt & Gift Bag

Plant-Based Meals

Daily Herbal Teas

Sacred Sisterhood

Prayer and Meditation

AM/PM Self-Care time

Decolonization Work

Intergenerational Healing

Ancestral Reverence

Community Ancestral Invocation

Bodywork & Movement

Womb Work

Intentional Rest time 

Self-guided time to BE!

Optional 1-1 Ori/Ancestral work**

A whole lotta fun

...and so much more!

Our collective Ancestral court always has something unique in store at SHYNE retreats. However, we can say without a shadow of doubt that your investment in BWB 2023 will include:

**Retreat investment does not include airfare, spending money, cost of meals purchased during self-guided free time, cost of optional 1-1 spiritual service (Ori/Ancestral work).


Where are we staying?

Destin, Forida

Two story villa-style vacation home

Lakefront view

Private pool & hot tub

Walk to the beach

Transportation Guidelines

Registration for Black Women BEing includes shared transportation to and from the airport. It is up to retreaters to choose their preferred airport (ATL or VPS) and cover full flight costs. The below itinerary outlines scheduling requirements. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in you being 100% responsible for your transportation to/from the retreat location.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL)


Must arrive at airport no later than 10am on Fri. Nov. 3, 2023.

Destin, Fort Walton Beach (VPS)

Must arrive at airport no later than 3pm on Fri. Nov. 3, 2023.


Drop off at ATL Airport at 5pm, Tues. Nov. 7, 2023. (Do not book your flight before 7pm).

Drop off at VPS  airport at 11am on Tues. Nov. 7, 2023. (Do not book your flight before 1pm).

*SHYNE will not reimburse for any portion of fees incurred due to not utilizing our transportation arrangements.

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