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Since 2017, SHYNE has been traveling all over the US facilitating sacred multi-day experiences where women of African descent gather in sisterhood for ancestral healing, grief, trauma reconciliation, womb work, ritual, rest, fun, education and empowerment. SHYNE retreats are unique due to their intimate settings and ancestral connection that facilitates the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing needed to align with our highest destiny. Our retreats foster a community where women are able to explore their shadow work and process traumas without shame or judgement. Through workshops, movement, plant-based consumption, and ancestral relationship building, women and their children are able to deepen their pathways in radically transforming their lives. No experience is ever the same. But one thing is for sure: it is always life-changing! 


Click Here for a small compilation of the many dynamic moments that have occurred at SHYNE retreats across the years. 

2023 Registration opens May 1st!

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