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It’s More than Ilekes, Waistbeads, and Candles

My awakening started in a small urban garden in East Point. I was aware of a power outside of myself, however when I started putting my hands in the earth there was a connection and it led me to my current path. My timeline is filled with multiple spiritual workers advertising their services for root work, spells, candles, divinations, etc. I mean it’s almost comical or is it? As a Black woman healing in the Diaspora, I have fallen prey to people in my inbox claiming to have a “message from my ancestors”. I have also bought books on African Spirituality and learned a few things here and there from what I could gather from people. Spiritual baths, lighting candles, floor washes, and the infamous ancestor altar were things that I thought I needed to be close to my ancestors and honor my spiritual path. Little did I know that I was causing Spiritual chaos in my environment. Looking back now I’m like GIRL…that’s why things were spiraling at times.

Today’s society makes it seem that you need to do all types of “majick” to make your ancestors proud. And while there are workings that need to be done to appease the Spiritual Realm, the most important thing I am learning to sit with, and face is the reality and power in the healing of myself. There is no amount of candle work that can help heal me or my ancestors from the family thread of codependency and alcoholism. No number of pulls from tarot decks can help me identify my shadow and how to alchemize those traits. However, when I learn to address the inner turmoil of low self-worth, low self-esteem, momma issues, and other generational traumas that have plagued my family... that’s when those Ancestors start smiling and I do too.

There is nothing wrong with doing whatever spiritual work you identify with and feel led to practicing. What I am currently experiencing and appreciating about my path is the purposeful and intricate exploration of myself, the nurturing of my inner child, and learning the patterns of my shadow and how I can elevate by observing how it shows up in my life and forgiving myself for when I didn’t know. It’s more than just ilekes, waistbeads and candles…it’s about honest self-reflection and participating in my own rescue with the help of my spiritual court.


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