Soar Higher You Never End, Inc. (SHYNE) is a dual-functioning corporation that serves as a development institute and ile (spiritual home) for women and girls of the African diaspora.

Is SHYNE ile for you?

Since 2016, SHYNE has maintained an open door policy for all of our experiences. What we have learned through this process is that our program is not a one size fits all. In fact, only 66% of our participants have continued on to make this mission a lifelong pursuit.


Joining the SHYNE ile (spiritual home) requires a rigorous commitment to lineage healing and spiritual development through The Sacred Art of Self Study (SASS).  


SHYNE ile is for those who are interested in:

  • Being a part of an ongoing community of support and accountability

  • Owning the responsibilities of ancestral agreements and family healing

  • Decolonization as a catalyst for living with spirit at the core of life

SHYNE ile Membership requires:

  • Surrender to the path of your Ori

  • Practice of the isese IFA/Orisa tradition

  • Engagement in leadership development

  • Selection process and maintenance of annual financial expectations

  • Compliance with ile protocols, including a minimum 12 month Elevation Passage

"If healing is not a part of the equation in a society that’s been inundated with fear and dehumanization, then neither is spirit. If healthy intimacy is not a part of how we live and lead, then neither is spirit. If ritual is not etched into the fabric of what we call life, then neither is spirit." - Iya Oloruntomi

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