"The greatest teachers are those who understand that teaching is simply the mastery of learning."


katreina Oloruntomi Ifafunmilayo is an esteemed daughter, sister and Godmother who serves as a Conduit for diasporic liberation. She has over a decade of professional expertise as an educator and community organizer working within diverse environments and stages of life. She is an initiated priestess in the West African IFA/Orisa tradition, an HBCU Alumna and has upheld a commitment to healing and mastering herself through The Sacred Art of Self Study (SASS), an interdisciplinary model that supports personal healing and development using practices that center spirit, mind, emotion and body.

Oloruntomi's life and leadership are rooted in the belief that “in all things, love is our solution”.

It wasn’t until eighteen years into her life that she developed an appreciation for what it meant to be both Nigerian and born in America. Until then, knowing exactly where her paternal lineage came from was a source of embarrassment and shame. This, among other distinct traumas, led her to significant Self-neglect. After coming into the affirmation of her identities, an intimate journey into remembering her divinity was ignited. She received a dream from who she now knows was her paternal grandmother and began to elevate the middle name she’d been given at birth: Oloruntomi, which means “God is enough for me”. This was the beginning of her journey into forgiveness, intergenerational healing and exploring the true definition of unconditional Self-love.

Alongside her personal commitment to ongoing spiritual, mental and emotional development, Iya Oloruntomi is blessed to be a student of Oluwo Ifasola Onifade, Chief Priest of Ile Amedeope located in Osogbo, Nigeria; Elder Yeye Luisah Teish, Osun Priestess and author of Jambalaya and Baba Sangosakin Ajala of Ile Iba Orisa.

After graduating from Spelman College with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Oloruntomi joined Teach for America and moved to Michigan where she taught 7-10th grade at Timbuktu Academy on Detroit's eastside. She credits her students for teaching her the importance of authenticity, ongoing and honest self-reflection as well as Self accountability. Following her time in the classroom, Oloruntomi served as an instructional coach and curriculum designer where she developed social justice educators who were both in-service and pre-service. During this time, she also designed and facilitated Equity and Identity development which solidified the vision for her first company: Cultivating Liberation


Since the 2017 inception of Soar Higher You Never End, Inc., Oloruntomi has been on an ancestral assignment to build a sustainable movement rooted in Diasporic healing. While she has many ancestors who support her path, Oloruntomi is heavily guided by her maternal great-grandmother, Helen Stockton, who offers a legacy of faith-based women's organizing work and her paternal grandmother Amdalat Hassan who offers a legacy of isese (traditional) wisdoms from the Yoruba people.


"Dehumanization and oppression start in the spiritual realm, and most people don't recognize that the root of their suffering is spiritual.” - Iya Oloruntomi