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You chose this path. Now it's time to fulfill it. 

Answer the Call

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Answering the call of our societal times and on our lives looks different for everyone, and oftentimes, comes with a significant journey. We are not always fully aware what our transformation will look like, what it will require of us or how to navigate the many ebbs and flows that inevitably come with intergenerational healing and spiritual awakening.

SHYNE offers an opportunity for this exploration through an intimate, loving space where women can be curious and embrace elevation with ease in a Spirit-centered environment. Throughout our free monthly classes, you will not only be able to gain first hand knowledge of the SHYNE experience, you will receive tools to support you in the (re)discovery of your authentic Self and the divine calling on your life. 
We recognize that financial barriers often prohibit Black women from investing in Self work. Our monthly offering is one of our many efforts to mitigate this so there is no set charge. However, if you feel led to make an offering, donations are welcome and appreciated.

What's the topic? Focus for this 2-hour virtual workshop varies each month, providing an opportunity for women of the African Diaspora to experience an array of relevant learning as it relates to living and navigating spiritually-centered lives, aligned with their destiny without compromising their peace, health or well-being.

Disclaimer: SHYNE classes are interactive. We ask that if you RSVP, you make a commitment to show up on time, be stationary and fully present on camera for the duration of our class time.

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