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Soar Higher You Never End, Inc.

A corporation for diasporic healing and liberation


Who We Are

Soar Higher You Never End, Inc. (SHYNE) is a spiritual development institute and ile (spiritual home) for women and girls of the African diaspora.

SHYNE with Us

Our programs are designed to meet diverse needs and areas of interest. Membership enrollment is on a quarterly basis. Click below to learn more.

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Support Our Work

We believe that spiritual, mental  and emotional development should be equitably accessible. Your contributions allow us to maintain our work as well as offer scholarships for those in need of financial assistance.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Women are chosen vessels who will initiate the radical transformation this world awaits. Our healing and unique leadership are necessary in order for peace, good health and overall well-being to inform the ways in which we love, live, lead and make decisions as a society. For sustainable impact, we must strengthen our capacity to center our divine intelligence while not negotiating our mental and emotional health; then, raise our girls to do the same. The time has never been more crucial for our remembrance and preparation in such an assignment.
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