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Society pits women against each other in nearly every facet of life. In our careers and relationships, in our motherhood and friendships, we are taught early the skills of comparsion and competition. Our experiences stretch across a wide specturm. We find ourselves extremely successful and afraid to be alone or constantly struggling and unable find peace and stability. We read every self-help book searching for answers. We join organizations and sororities to feel as if we belong. We give of ourselves until there's nothing left, and we still feel broken or disempowered.

SHYNE is a community for Black women rooted in healing, knowing, and reclaiming the core of who we are. We believe that true healing is rooted in ancestral relationship building and we create a container for women to explore and resolve their triggers, traumas, and societal and familial expectations that show up in our day-to-day lives. Through SHYNE's flagship curriculum, Sacred Art of Self Study (SASS), we provide tangible guidance, tools, and a liberatory framework to foster emotional and mental healing, transform our intergenerational relationships, build an authentic community, and love and accept ourselves more than what we have ever known.   

We provide a safe space for Black women to remember and reconnect to their destinies through the use of ancestral relationship building, leadership development, sisterhood, and self-mastery. Here, Black women have the freedom to explore, embrace, release, and reconstruct the lives they are worthy of. This space is a revolution rooted in ancestral healing. We are not meant to be in perpetual struggle, competition, or comparsion. We are meant to be free in love.

Why connect with SHYNE?



We seek to create a new paradigm of what it means to exist by offering Black women a space to reimagine self care and sustainability. We aim to interrupt the “strong black woman” narrative and strengthen the capacity of divine intelligence as opposed to maintaining victimhood and oppressive schemas


We believe in a world of greater peace, health and overall well-being that is free from white supremacy. We combine spirituality with psychology, sociology, holistic wellness and education in order to deconstruct the racial trauma etched into their DNA. We embrace the decolonization of paradigms, behaviors and devotional practices to sustain their capacity in transforming themselves, their families and the world.


We submit to a deep exploration into the reciprocal roles and responsibilities that are shared between Self and Ancestors in order achieve lineage freedom, and highest fulfillment of divine assignment, destiny, purpose. We believe that ancestral healing calls for us to know and heal ourselves.



We believe that authentic community is part of our personal healing and the recalibration for our relationships with and responsibilities to humanity. We need authentic healing and reconciliation communities that address historical disparities while empowering us to own our roles in co-creating a different world



We envision a world where Black women are connected to indigenous spiritual practices, are surrounded by community and leverage personal development in order to build self worth, foster innate gifts, and occupy leadership positions. We offer personal and professional leadership development for women to fully become the definition of what it means to lead a spirit-driven life.


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