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21 Days of Spiritual WasteLoss

All things start on the spiritual realm. That includes the widespread health issues that impact Black people. This stands whether it's physical such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, infertility, etc. or mental such as depression, anxiety, depression, etc. Reality is the relationship we have with food directly correlates to the relationships we have with ourselves, others and even our purpose. If true intergenerational healing is what we aspire, it's important that we prioritize addressing our dis-eases through a spiritual lens. That starts with our consumption.

Through a consistent 21 days of the Love Consumption Framework, women are able to interrogate their food relationships and engage in a variety of exercises that help them deeply interrogate their state of Alafia (peace, health and overall well-being).

This is not a 21-day fast! It is a ritual that is intended for participants to truly experience a new capacity for living in our highest wellness as Spiritualist and sustaining our capacity to fulfill our divine purpose in love. 

Book Ritual

SHYNE book rituals are much more than a book club. They are a container for decolonization, mental and emotional liberation. They are a sacred journey in honest self-reflection, interrogation and realization. Through centering spirituality and community in an intellectual setting, participants are positioned to engage in real-time deconstruction processes.


During our book rituals, Spirit to guide us as participants reflect and leverage life experiences in order to make meaning of the text. Across 8 weeks, we delve deeply into personal and collective healing journeys, acquire tangible tools to help us further explore both how we show up in our personal, interpersonal and societal contexts/relationships. 

Community Rituals

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Since 2019, the SHYNE Book Ritual Model (SBRM) has served as an extraordinary experience for every woman that has entered the circle. It continues to be a life-changing opportunity that yields long-term commitments to deep Self-study and alignment. Each ritual is different, but what they have in common is processing through the lens of concepts in an intentionally selected text that ultimately supports participants in making decisions and lifestyle choices to positively influence their overall well-being. 

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