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Ancestral Relationship Building Development Program

Aug 7th - Sep 23rd || Sundays 5-7pm EST

This 8-week program is for Black people in the Diaspora who resonate with one or more of the following:

Desire to Cultivate

a spiritually-driven life through leveraging connections with their Ancestors. 

Have a Yearning

for deepening their understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Grieving a Departed Loved One

and seeking a pathway to inner peace through connection and communication with them.

Desire to Understand

what it truly means to 'break generational curses and/or cycles' as a means for expanding their spiritual path.

Want to be free

from the shackles of spiritual, mental and emotional enslavement.

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Important to Know

  • This program is a commitment that requires those who are willing to do inner work.

  • All participants are required to be fully present for virtual sessions and on camera for duration of class.

  • Homework assignments will be given and participants are expected to complete them prior to class.

  • The curriculum is designed to target and support all faiths and walks of life. However, we will draw on principles of the IFA/Orisa tradition. 

  • Registration investment is $555 for non-SHYNE members and $333 for current SHYNE members.

Across our 8-weeks, participants will...

  • Deepen their understanding of what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience

  • Internalize the concept of Self as the Altar

  • Draw personal meaning of the purpose their Eegun (ancestors) have in their lives and vice versa

  • Explore pathways into healing intergenerational trauma through root chakra healing

  • Identify and utilize the innate ancestral assets (gifts) that inform fulfillment of their Ori (purpose)

  • Establish goals for addressing the liabilities (traumas) that impede fulfillment of their Ori (purpose)

  • Strengthen communication with their Eegun (ancestors) through strengthening their Self Care

  • Have an opportunity to confirm the specific Eegun (ancestors) in their personal spiritual court 

  • And so much more!

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