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SHYNE was founded in 2017 with the intent to host wellness retreats. Since its inception, it’s evolved into a spiritual and educational institution and ile that facilitates the intergenerational healing of Black women.

SHYNE is an institution rooted in ancestral healing and reclaiming the core of who we are. We create a community for women to explore and reconcile our traumas and societal and familial expectations that hinder us from showing up fully in our day-to-day lives. We provide individualized services and collective experiences to support Black women in embodying their highest potential and purpose.


SHYNE will restore Black women’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.


Black women embody living Spirit-centered, purpose-driven lives and facilitate the healing of all humanity.

Our Values


We recognize that healing is individualized and requires a holistic approach that supports the spirit, mind, and body.


We believe that studying, ourselves and our spiritual practices open us to the complete transformation of our lives.


We believe that Black women are the strongest influencers in facilitating the healing of our families and communities.


We believe that ancestral healing calls for us to know and heal ourselves. Through spirituality, we come home to ourselves.


We reimagine self-care and sustainability by challenging our consumption, beliefs, and behavior.

I aspire to create a critical mass of women and girls who embody their divinity and feel empowered in the spiritual responsibility we have to be the facilitators of intergenerational healing and diasporic transformation.

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