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Throughout nearly every world event, societal shift, or cultural movement, Black women have operated in the capacity of creator, influencer, supporter, participant, and (in some cases), savior. We continue to contribute to the world just as much as we are the creators of it, yet we remain largely unseen and undervalued in history and the present day. Black women, who were the leaders of slave rebellions and the Civil Rights Movement; who have an oral and written history of community organizing, activism, and leadership; who are keepers of the recipes and memories of their mothers and grandmothers; and who continue to be the foundation and driving forces of their families, persistently (and unsurprisingly) suffer from imposter syndrome, chronic stress, mental and emotional destabilization, and numerous states of dis-ease. Society has etched a narrative that we are meant to be overwhelmed, discontented, and disconnected because life will always be hard, especially for Black women. Because of this, we remain in an unending cycle of spiritual chaos, unreconciled trauma, and living out of alignment with our destinies. For Black women to break from their bondage of societal, systematic, and structural oppression, we must remember WHO they are and WHOSE they are

Black women are the holders of Humanity who hold the power to manifest peace, love, and radical transformation in their lives. Black women are Divine by birthright and chosen by God to be the vessels that initiate the radical transformation needed in their families, communities, and the world. SHYNE provides a safe space for Black women to remember and reconnect to their destinies through the use of ancestral relationship building, leadership development, sisterhood, and the Sacred Art of Self Study. Here, Black women have the freedom to explore, embrace, release, and reconstruct the lives they are worthy of. We are a sisterhood taking tangible steps to better know and love ourselves so that we can better love and know others and create the world we want to see around us. 

Sacred Art of Self Study

An interdisciplinary model designed to support personal healing and development using practices that center spirit, mind, emotion, and body

We believe that true healing begins with knowing and reclaiming yourSelf. Our triggers and trauma are layered with societal and familial expectations that influence the way show up in our day-to-day lives. Through SHYNE's flagship curriculum, Sacred Art of Self Study (SASS), we combine spirituality with psychology, sociology, education, and holistic wellness to honestly reflect and address how we as women continue to play a role in our dis-ease. 


Sacred Art of Self Study provides tangible guidance, tools, and a liberatory framework to foster emotional and mental healing, transform our intergenerational relationships, build an authentic community, and love and accept ourselves more than what we have ever known.   

Foundation of SASS

Spiritual Hygiene

Ancestral Relationship Building

Mental and Emotional Liberation


Our Mission

SHYNE's mission is to help restore well-being within the African diaspora by centering the unique roles of women and girls. We know it is impossible to actualize community liberation without pedagogical strategies that promote mental and emotional healing, radical self care and healthy intergenerational relationships.

Our Vision

SHYNE envisions a world where women embody their unique roles as conduits for societal transformation - and, develop our girls to do the same. We envision a world where the burdens of race-based trauma and internalized oppression are no longer the reality of African descendants. We believe in the possibility of a world where all humanity is valuable and spirituality is a central component of our daily lives. 

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